Defthunder interview la charmante Victoria Swarovski‏

Cette semaine j’ai eu la chance d’interviewer  la charmante Victoria Swarovski‏ .

Elle était présente aux jeux Olympiques de Sochi pour chanter deux de ses titres 


>How do you define yourself ?

As a crazy woman who writes and loves music..

>At what age did you start singing?

I started singing since i am 6 years old , but prefessionaly since i am 12 !

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>is that it is easy for you to carry a famous name?

Well yes because i grew up with the name, like everybody else grew up with a last name !

>tell me about your wonderful clip vidéo voyeur ?

> Or the clip-video was shot ?

The video was shot in Berlin in a great Hotel … i just wanted to have a location which looked a little more misterious

>What is your best memory of your trip to Russia for your show in Sochi ?

My best memory ! Well there are some great memories but the best one would be my performance it self also the people … they are all amazing and super kind !

Victoria_Swarovski russia

>Tell me about your singles Memories « and » Undefeatable ?

Memories was spacially written for Russia , it is about holding on to your good memories and getting rid of your not as good memories 😉


And Undefeatable is for me a Hymne I LOVE this song ! It is powerful it has energy its just a great song, it`s about not letting yourself down , it`s beeing Undefeatable and no one can do you any bad !! And you gonna show people what your capabale of .

>What are your musical influences ?

I would say Beyonce also Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, TLC and many more …

I started in the song had any advice for me?

Just tell your story, follow your heart and write exactly what you feel .

>What are your plans for this year?

Releasing my Record and try to tour a lot, but first getting everything right . J

>You are one of the most beautiful women I’ve had the chance to interview , what is the best compliment you received ?

That is so sweet thank you so much . I would say this compliment is the best i have ever heared 😉

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>What kind of clothes do you like to wear ?

Leather pants and a cool t-shirt or sweaters and some high shoes to let my legs look longer haha

>What brand of clothes you’ve already worn ?

Oh gosh i like all the brands there is nothing i don`t like to wear . Though there is a great brand and it is called Faith Connexion the readers would like it …

Volkswagen Group - 8 Feb

>You ever traveled to Belgium ?

No never , but it is on my list !!

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