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Defthunder interview la charmante Victoria Swarovski‏

Cette semaine j’ai eu la chance d’interviewer  la charmante Victoria Swarovski‏ .

Elle était présente aux jeux Olympiques de Sochi pour chanter deux de ses titres 


>How do you define yourself ?

As a crazy woman who writes and loves music..

>At what age did you start singing?

I started singing since i am 6 years old , but prefessionaly since i am 12 !

Volkswagen Group - 8 Feb

>is that it is easy for you to carry a famous name?

Well yes because i grew up with the name, like everybody else grew up with a last name !

>tell me about your wonderful clip vidéo voyeur ?

> Or the clip-video was shot ?

The video was shot in Berlin in a great Hotel … i just wanted to have a location which looked a little more misterious

>What is your best memory of your trip to Russia for your show in Sochi ?

My ...

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