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Defthunder interview Eileen Davidson (Ashley des Feux de l’amour)

Aujourd’hui j’ai eu la chance d’interviewer la célèbre Eileen Davidson connue pour son rôle d’Ashley dans les feux de l’amour « The Young and the Restless »


How do you define yourself ?

Wife, Mother, Actress, Writer, sometime surfer and a bunch of other stuff.

At what age did you begin to be actress?

I started acting classes when I was 19. Working professionally at 21.

Do you have any advice for girls or boys who want to become actor ?

They should take classes and do school plays.

Tell me about your role in the film Hell and Mr. Fudge ?

The film takes place in the 1950’s-1970’s in Alabama. It’s a true story.

I play the mother of a Christian preacher. She herself was a missionary.


Tell me about your role in the series The Young and The Resteless ?

Ashley Abbott is the heroine...

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